well, I woke up this morning with a fly fishing hangover. that's where you fish hard right up till dark and you gotta sleep in a little the next day. so, I thought I'd take it easy and see what was going on with my old friend the clinch. I've been so caught up fishing in the mountains, that it's been a long time since I've been there. I decided to head on down to river rd, also known as miller's island.

When I got there, my heart almost broke. last time I was on the river, the bottom was that nice black rock with little patches of green moss. now, THE ENTIRE STREAM BED is covered in an inch of white moldy snot. it looks like something you'd cough up when you have the flu. I've heard about didymo, but never really seen it. this stuff is no joke. yuk

well, I fished on down the island, throwing various sulphur patterns and slaying the trout. all 5 inches of them. I must've caught about 20 dinkers, and boy they really put up a fight on the 5 weight. (I'm being sarcastic) After about 3 hours it was about time for the water to come on so I started heading back up and casting along the way. with the didymo and the dinkers, I was all ready to come back and declare miller's island dead, when much to my suprise...

I threw into a run I had fished earlier during the day. first cast into that run: 14" fat bow! next cast, same thing. I only had about thirty minutes til the water was to come up, and in that thirty minutes, I caught all the nice rainbows I could handle. the fishing always gets good when you have to leave, whether that be because it's getting dark or the water's coming up, or you have to be somewhere.

next stop: little river. (see other report)