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Thread: Going to Yellowstone for the first time...

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    Default Going to Yellowstone for the first time...

    I'm heading to Emigrant, MT for a week July 22. What public places should I fish? Are there private sections I should try to get on? What flies should I be picking up/tying? What size rod should I take? Waders or wet wade? Where should I eat? What can my wife do?

    We are staying at the Paradise Gateway B&B. Chico's was booked, but we are going to the spa and to dinner there.

    Any advise appreciated!

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    There is so much water in that area that you will have a really great time. You can go to Armstrongs or Depuys Spring Creeks or just fish the Yellowstone and the park. This has no charge like the Spring creeks.

    look at a float trip for a day. It is well worth your time.

    Send me a pm when the time gets closer I should have more information by then on water conditions etc.

    Butte I?rish

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    kevin, congratulations. how'd you pull that off? I'm going in august and I have just as many questions as you do.

    my main thing is I'm going to be there for almost a month. I really can't afford to be buying a whole month's worth of flies out there, so I gotta start tying real soon!! what do I tie?? well, I have a list, but unfortunately, I guess I won't know what I really need till I'm already out there. I guess I'll be tying in my tent every night.

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    I have spent many wonderful days in Paradise Valley.

    There are many public access points along the Yellowstone, however,
    the Yellowstone is a big river and if you want to catch fish the best way
    by far is to float. A float trip is expensive but worth it. You can also
    rent a raft,kayak,canoe from Rubber Ducky in Livingston if you are solo
    and cover water and get to much better wading spots.

    I suggest you go to and click on their
    fishing report. They keep it up to date and they give suggestions on
    fly's and water conditions. They also have some of the best guides.

    The Spring Creeks are wonderful to fish but they will humble you if you
    are not an experienced angler who likes technical fishing. Cost is $100
    and June and July are usually 90% booked. They do have cancellations.
    Remember these fish see on average 12 anglers everyday almost all
    year long. It is a beautiful place to fish and the fish are there !

    July 22nd should be a very good time for fishing. Salmon Fly's, baetis
    and Caddis.

    Mill Creek is also nearby and is a very nice stream for cutthroats and
    rainbows. Ask about access at the flyshop in Emigrant.

    Rods 9' 6 weight is first choice with 9' 5 weight a close second.

    It can be windy at times. Advice, ingnore it and go fish.

    Dailey Lake is also not far from your B & B and it has some nice fishing
    for belly boat or from the shore.

    DePuy Spring Creek has a web site that shows their month by month
    bookings. Just do a search and you will find it.

    Your wife will enjoy Livingston. There are a lot of shops and stores she
    will like and they are all within 3 blocks.

    Chico often has outdoor art shows etc.

    More on fishing. It has been my experience that the best fishing on the
    Yellowstone in summer is from sunup to about noon. Then go take
    a break and go back out at about 4PM or 5pm and fish till dark. You
    can get in about 10 hours of good fishing.
    If the Salmonfly's are out then the fish might eat all day long. If it
    gets warm and breezy the hopper fishing could light up.
    By the way 3x and 4x tippets are fine for the Yellowstone. Mill Creek
    use a 5x. 5x is ok on the Yellowstone but really not needed.
    The Spring creeks 7x 10-11' 6x is pushing it.

    If you rent a kayak you and/or your wife should wear your life jacket
    while floating, then take it off to wade fish. The Yellowstone is a big
    river and 2 or 3 people drown just about every year. Not a big concern
    just be safe.

    You will have a great time. Enjoy.


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    Default Yellowstone

    Sounds great Kevin. Carolyn and I are going to be there for 2 weeks, beginning the 1st of August. I wish we could run into each other. We are going to work our way North from Salt Lake City, up the western side of the Tetons and then move over to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone. We then plan on going to Henry's Fork and on into Ennis and beyond. We're just going to play it by ear and fish everthing that looks inviting. That BB works good out there also. I hope that you have a great time.
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    As long as everyone is going west this summer, we should just have a LRO board member get together somewhere in the Yellowstone vicinity... I'm going out for August with Trevor, it would be pretty cool if we run into some other board members.

    Seriously, congrats on the Yellowstone trip Kevin. It is an amazing place that I have been to twice now (once fishing) and could continue going for a lifetime and never get bored. I've always wanted to try some of those spring creeks in the Paradise Valley area. If I was going to that area and $$$ wasn't an issue, I would probably see if I could get some time on one... Spring Creeks are a whole different game than the Smokies but well worth your time.
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    Thanks for the tips, and keep them coming please...

    I will get to fish a little on this trip, but make no mistake I have to keep the wife entertained. She's cool, but she's no fool either. I'm kinda making this a site survey/some fishing/Yellowstone Park vacation. I will return without my beautiful bride at a later date, with a lot more information, for a serious fishing trip. Only $500 for airfare from Knoxville to Bozeman, so it's a trip I could do a couple times a year if I really like it. That website is very helpful and I'm leaning towards a float trip on the Yellowstone at this point. I'll probably hit the spring creeks when I return. That's not locked in yet, but it seems logical.
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    My wife and I are lucky in that that we get to take a trip to Big Sky every year. This September will be my 5th trip to Montana and it never gets old. In fact, it's difficult to come home sometimes. Last summer, we were scheduled to float the Yellowstone, but had to make a last minute schedule change and wound-up on the Madison instead. Yellowstone would have been great, and is a float trip I desparately want to enjoy, but as it turned out I landed three browns 21"+ that day on the Madison.

    So many little time

    In late July / Early August, if you can find your way to the Lamar River you will absolutely wear' em out with a fat hopper pattern. rrainshaker at comcast dot netrainshaker at comcast dot net

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    Kevin, You will be ruined for life once you go out there. Yellowstone country has that "magical" quality that the Smokies have. There is so much to see and it is so big that it can overwhelm you. The first time we went we tried to see too much. We spent way too much time in a car getting to what we wanted to see.
    My advice would be to concentrate on the area you are going to. That way you get to really experience it instead of just looking at it as you drive along from one place to another. That gives you a good reason for going back to see more of it too.

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    Kevin, Been twice myself and can't wait to go again. Last trip was more of a vacation with lots of sightseeing with the family but I did get in some fishing.
    If you book a float trip, try to take it early in the week your there. That way you know what flies are working best and spend less time trying to figure it out. I agree with the others, go to the fly shop fishing reports, most are updated regularly during the season. I like to fish a fast 5wt. or a med-fast 6wt. in the big open rivers like the madison or lamar. It gets windy out there and they help when your throwing tandem dryfly rigs. The smaller creeks, a 4wt is fine.
    I stayed in West Yellowstone both trips, and there is lots of shopping and other things to see in town to keep the family happy. There are lots of outfitters for horseback trail rides and whitewater rafting trips also.

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