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Thread: Holston River Float Trip

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    Thanks Hugh, when you say dangerous spots, I will be in a white water kayak (inflatable). I should be able to either navigate it or would it be better to portage? I've run up to a class 3 rapid in this boat so far. Plan on going tomorrow morning but still watching the gen. schedules. The guy that is going with me has done it in a canoe with no problems. Wish us luck!.........Troutman

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    Default Holston float trip

    Troutman, there is one spot in particular that can be a major problem and it just depends on how much water is flowing at the time. If you have enough depth, you'll have no problems. It is actually a small waterfall and some people get out and lead the boat thru the section. If there is enough water, you can shoot right on thru it. If too much water is flowing over it, it has a very dangerous back curl that can flip you or swamp you. You need to stay to your far river left and pull up to it and see if there is enough water to give you enough depth to miss a rock that is right in the middle of the place to shoot. If it looks skinny, I'd walk it thru. Good luck.
    Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.

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