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Thread: Snow pack out west

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    Default Snow pack out west

    Saw some comments here about ample snow pack out west, in constrast to what I read in the Fly Fishing in Yellowstone blog (quoting the Bozeman Daily Chronicle) that put the Madison area at 20% of normal, with similar dismal numbers elsewhere.

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    Default snow pack

    I had talked to my guide friend probably a month ago and he told me that the snow pack was good then but I looked at some of the west yellowstone fly shop reports last night and they are reporting about 20% less also. They have had alot of early warm weather also over the past weeks. Some of the area basins have had above average snowfalls while others are below. West Yellowstone was at 79% as of yesterday. Hebgen lake has only been releasing around 500cfs , so the madison is low. I usually look at Arricks fly shop and Madison river outfitters fly shop for the fishing reports and snowpack levels. Wish I could go again this fall but have other vacations planned.

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