Well, I had my first taste of fly-fishing in the surf this last week. I had to act like I knew what I was doing for the first little while. It is hard to judge where and when to cast when you have waves coming at you. The fish were not interested in my presentation during last week. I had a floating line on my reel instead of a sinking line which from what I have read recently is the way to go in the surf. Just standing in the water with the sun rising on my left side was fun enough, catching a fish would have been a bonus. After a little while of getting used to casting an 8 wt and working on mending the line in the waves I retreated to a surf rod and watching my son play on the beach. This fall we are returning to Garden City, SC when the fishing is much improved. I will be tying flies and getting a new spool with sinking line so the Pompano can actually see my fly. If anybody has some suggestions on Fly-fishing in the surf, as far as where you cast in the waves and how you present the fly would help me tremendously. Thanks to LRO for getting me the gear I needed before leaving. I caught my wife in a good mood and I had to swing by the shop. Thanks to my wife for letting me spend money on another rod, I am now the proud owner of a TFO Lefty Kreh 8wt 9' with an Orvis Battenkill V.