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    Default great day of fishing...

    Spend some time on the water today fishing for smallmouth. Tried a stretch of water today that I wanted to try last weekend but there were baitfishermen in it, but it was empty today. Caught fish right off the bat and continued to catch nice size fish all day long. I then got to a pool that must have had 20 carp in it ranging in all sizes from small to just plain I dont want to catch one that big. I got lots of strikes but evertime it felt like one was about to jerk the rod out of my hand I would raise my rod to set the hook and then nothing. I had this happen 4 times today with no fish staying on for more that a few seconds. I did have one fish on though that was so big that I couldnt get the line on the reel fast enough and as soon as I tried pressuring him the tippet just snapped. This fish was huge. That fish hit a bh hares ear. Sorry TM that fly of yours didnt get any looks today for some reason. Anyway here are the pics I took today with my new camera. I absolutely love it. Its small, light weight and cheap so I dont have a heart attack evertime I try to take a picture with it.

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    Congrats Matt! It feels good when things come together. right time, right place and noone else around! Next time on the carp, try a side arm line pull strike with the rod low..........Troutman

    PS... Nice redbreast too!

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    For carp, you might want to try a strip strike. It works in salt water for bone fish, which have similar mouths (actually, this is the preferred method of hook sets for salt water for any species). Instead of lifting your rod tip, keeping the tip low, do a strip, sharply, with your fly line to set the hook.


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    NICE FISH! thanks for sharin'! I've caught three smallies in my life, and they were all on the same trip, and with a flyrod and a bugger. Man, I thought I had a HUGE one on, until I got it up and found out that this incredible fighter was only 12 inches long! hahaha

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