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    tomorrow I have the opportunity to go striper fishing with a friend, and his friend who is apparently an expert striper fisherman and ex-guide. my understanding is that we'll be using bait tackle, however, I thought it would be interesting to bring along my fly rod and at least try and hook one of these monsters on the fly.

    anyone have any fly suggestions, and will my 6-weight be able to handle one of these monsters?

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    Well, I'd say there's a few things that will work. I'm assuming that your fishing for Hybrid's and not actual striper! If your fishing for striper this time of year I would imagine you'll be out around Norris Lake! Fantastic fishery! I'd be throwing streamers to those monster smallies! I went on a guided expidition one year for stripers. The guide floated balloons and planer boars with LY and Shiner minnows strapped to the hook. I managed to land one off the bow of the boat on a red head jig. A massive jig with a red head and white bucktail skirt!

    So my suggestions would be a big white streamer!

    If your fishing a tailrace I'd throw something that matched threadfin shad, yellow tail shad, google it!

    Most stripe run deep in the warm weather (for better oxegen levels), which require downriggers in 60+ ft of water. Bringing them out of this depth will certainly kill them! Though tailraces like Melton Hill will have a few that will bite.

    Hope you guys catch some good ones! If your catching hybrids, I'd try throwing a big white popper up against the bank! The bass are biting on buzz bait's right now (unknown color). They'll generally eat the same thing, early mornings only though.

    Best of luck! Hope that helped and I hope this isn't posted too late!

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