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Thread: Lunacy but planned. Byron & Paula, help please!!

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    Default Lunacy but planned. Byron & Paula, help please!!

    Momma and her best friend announced that they booked and paid for a Key West trip ( non-refundable on Priceline) Sept 12 -18. Needless to say to most this is the peak of Hurricane season. Anyhow since we have to go, me and my wife's buddy are looking for fishing action. We are staying in Key West the entire trip. Any suggestions from my Salt Water Fishing compardres is GREATLY appreciated.

    Momma wants to bottom bump (reef fish for those with dirty minds) for a half day. Kenny & I are up for almost anything since swilling beer at Capt Tony's go old 20 years ago. We need to know what's biting and who are reliable guides.

    All feedback is appreciated. Thanks, Jim

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    The very best...I mean the ABSOLUTE best guide is Drew Delashmit. Drew and his family are some of our best friends...we share Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve with them every year; Drew used to work at LRO and...he is, without doubt, the most awesome saltwater guide (I am not saying that because we are friends...I am saying it because it is the God's honest truth). Seriously, you cannot go wrong.

    His website is: and he can be emailed at

    Contact him. You will not be disappointed.


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