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Thread: Cumberland River Water temps

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    Default Cumberland River Water temps

    I fished the upper Cumberland last week and caught more fish than I thought possible. Even after a two hour lighnting and rain storm the likes i have rarely been out in the fish were still feeding. The river was cloudy and filled with debri but the fish and the fisherman kept on . Does anyone know how to keep up with the water temps on the Cumberland? They are not generating for the last day or two and I am afraid this is the beginning of the end for the great Cumberland tail water . I hope to make another trip or two before a fish kill takes place which I am told is just a matter of time. I want to be able to check the water temps before making the long haul.

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    they stop generating and started slucing, sluce water temp is 7 degrees colder, same water release every 6 hrs. trying to cool it off.

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