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Thread: Fishin Tailwaters in Kayak

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    Default Fishin Tailwaters in Kayak

    Im thinking about getting a recreational Kayak for fishing on tailwaters, mainly the Clinch. I noticed a few people doing this last time I floated the Clinch in a Drift boat. Any suggestions on a Kayak? Any tips? Is it even worth it?
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    Go for it, i've rowed drifters, White River boats, 1 man toons, canoes & the such.
    I've been playing with the sit in & sit on tops for the past month & really like the sit on top.
    A 12' is nice, i'm going for a 13' as i beleive a 14' would be a little to long, the longer the faster they are, that will help should you decide to take off upstream against the current.
    Perception & Wilderness Systems are two brands i've been playing with & like. There are many out there to choose from, a 28" or wider bottom is very stable.


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    You should get a surfboard.

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    Default Surfboard

    Send in another picture of you fishing from that surfboard.
    That would be a trick.

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    Tarpon-120 ... all the way.

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