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Thread: Low water Holston float trip report

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    Default Low water Holston float trip report

    Went with my friend Jim Parks yesterday over to the Holston, to float it from Indian Cave down to Nances Ferry. We were in my Kayak and started out about 8:30 or so. I paddled and Jim threw streamers all along the route but the catching was very slow. There was no hatches all day and we saw no fish actively feeding. Jim hooked up with several rainbows below several of the fast water riffles but I seemed to have a skunk on. We were able to safely navigate all the dangerous spots and did walk the kayak through the biggest falls. (Thanks again Hugh!) When we got down to the nances ferry shoals we parked and waded there for a couple of hours and I did finally catch a few small fish. 1 bow, 1 brown and a smallmouth, all about 10-12" long. The only bugs we saw all day were a few sporadic light cahills (almost white) not the little sulphers and the dragonflies that buzz around over the water. The weather was great and we saw lots of wildlife but the fish numbers seem to be down from past trips. I'll try again later in the summer for more smallies when the water warms.......Troutman

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    Default Holston float

    Thanks for the report Troutman. I was at Nances Ferry yesterday morning doing a little fishing and letting Boomer do his thing. There wasn't much activity going on and I'm sure the generation has caused some of the problem. The water was still going down. No insects were observed and I only caught one small brown. I talked to one other person and he had only caught one small fish.
    Glad that you made the float safely.
    Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.

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