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Thread: Tellico River Basin

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    Default Tellico River Basin

    My wife and kids have left to visit her parents. I am excittedly planning my weekend fishing trip this weekend while they are away. I am planning on fishing some of the tributaries of the Tellico River. I realize that this is probably the hardest time to get away from the crowds, but I am hoping to really get away. I would rather catch a few small fish by myself then tons in a crowd.

    My plan was to go to either Bald (above the waterfall) or Sycamore, hike up a couple miles from the trailhead and spend the night and do some fishing. Hopefully I catch some fish and see few people. Q#1 - Any chances this will happen? Q#2 - What are the chances of finding places to throw my tent a couple miles up either of these? Q#3 Any better recommendations?

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    This message board has a very good search engine. If you run a search for messages with either Bald River or North River in the subject or text, you'll get tons of listings with a lot of valuable info. There have been quite a few threads in the past 18 months or so discussing the Tellico watershed.

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes.


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    gz-you should be able to find some places to camp above Bald river falls. They are not neccessaerily designated, but you can make your own spot or use a fire ring that is already there.

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    Default Not much water in the small streams...

    I was up there this past weekend with my daughter and a friend of mine. Took my little girl fishing up to Green Cove Pond which is for young-uns, the handicapped and the elderly.

    I drove up Tellico then drove all they way up the North River and followed its tribs all the to the Skyway. This is the lowest I have ever seen both rivers. I can't remember a time I have seen so little water in either. I would say Sycamore is a trickle as well. There was better flow coming off the Bald, but it was still as skinny as I have seen the falls in sometime.

    Fishing might be tough and if you do get into some fish handle them with care. They might be a bit stressed.

    You can't depend on your judgement when your imagination is out of focus. - Mark Twain

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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks guys, that is exactly the information I was looking for. I really appreciate it. It is looking more and more like we are about to get some cooler weather and some rain, so I am hoping that will help out a bunch.

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