Here we go;, The trip went well, we had fantastic weather 95% of the time. The first three days were kind of cold with days in the 50's and nights in the 30's but the rest of the time it was highs in the low 70's and nights in the 50's. It was nice to meet mom and some distant relatives but I won't bore you all with those kind of details. I would like to share the fishing part of the trip with the board members.

This first picture is a Brown from the River Aurejoki an hour north of the city of Tampere. I caught this one dead drifted on a BH Prince size 12. So much for buying Czech nymphs and klinkhamers. The good old Prince came through. The fish was about 14" and very colorful and fat. I had a small Grayling on earlier in the day on this same river but lost him. I was really hoping for a grayling but lost three and never got them to hand. I knew from research that the grayling is very soft in the mouth but I managed to rip em' despite being careful. I guess this means I have to go back in the future. The rivers were small connecting waterways between natural lakes and the stretches were very short and fast. The water is very humus colored from farming and the soil. Mosquitoes were a pain but the long summer nights reminded me of my youth in Sweden. I ran into a handful of fishermen and the ones who spoke English were very friendly and asked a lot about our fishing in the states. I didn't see many hatches because I quit fishing around 10 pm and the best hatches are not on until about 11 pm or so. Makes for a long day let me tell ya. Enjoy.