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    Well it was one of those daysÖ. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong,,, for me. I told Craig who wasnít sharing my karma as he was reeling in fish after fish that maybe I should have stayed at home.

    Iím sure we all have them and I knew within an hour of our trip this was gonna be one for me. If it could go wrong it did.. I fell in the water, I fell in the boat. I untied mono knots in my leader, and I untied knots in my fly line. I hung up every other cast, I trimmed some trees. I turned the trolling motor on with my remote, while we were eating lunch on the bank far away from it! It tried to get away but a nice size tree root blocked it. Yep, I Pretty much covered the whole gamma of stuff that can go wrong in a trip. I knew I was paying the fishing Gods for whatever it was Iíd done so I just shook it off and kept casting. Thatís about all you can do because Iím convinced the time has to be paid in hours fishing. In other words if you leave and come back another day itíll just resume where it left off. Besides we were just killing time till dark thirty anyway.

    As feeding time approached I could feel my cast steadily improve. A few times I lost my balance,, but I didnít fall down. I was thinking maybe I had paid my dues in full. I tied on one of my new flies and started chunking. Thirty Minutes into the drift Craig misses a solid hit. Five min later I have follow to the boat that looked like a Striper about 12 to 15 pounds. I adjusted my retrieve to a more erratic and faster retrieve and the very next cast BAM, Gooood fish!
    Ití pulling hard and Iím struggling to get it on the reel. Finally I get him on the reel and he makes a hard run for the wood stripping backing off with each swipe of his tail. I hear the Backing/Line connection ping through each guide, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping,. Despite moderate pressure on a 10 wt he got into the wood and it became a fight more to save a $70 line then to catch a Striper. We pulled over the hang but couldnít see anything in the black foggy abyss. I pulled hard on the line and was able to get the weighted section back in hand and broke it at the perfection loop in the line/leader connection. The Striper was long gone.

    We went back to the same spot and about two casts later, BAM another Striper slammed my fly again. Again Iím fighting a giant wad of fly line that has tangled while I was pressuring the fish using my fingers as a drag. What happens is the line starts to stick as it is passing through youíre fingers and each stick causes it to jump. Each jump causes a potential tangle. Craig ran up and untangled the mess while I played the fish. He made several strong runs but this time I was either going to break him off or catch him. After a wonderful fight he gave up and Craig put the net under 20 pounds of pure hellfire Striper.
    A few min later Craig missed another hit that from the sound was a pretty substantial fish. We decided it was a good night to stay late and we drifted on in the black fog.

    As we approached the place where we saw a fish Iíve decided to call Red October I told Craig this is where he was dude, be ready. We both go into stealth mode and I covered the area with several casts but nothing. Suddenly I hear a huge explosion and I look over and Craigís rod is doubled over and each strand of graphite is screaming for some release. Just as the fish begins to make some headway the hook comes unbuttoned. Thatís all I got to say about thatÖ.

    I think we had four missed fish, one broken off fish, and one landed fish in final count. As the Full Moon rose overhead we shook hands and agreed it was a great trip and motored back to the ramp in a surreal, almost mystical atmosphere. Youíd have to be there to understand I guess.

    Here is the fish we managed to land.

    That look is the look of a man who has faced that really hot place where the devil lives and survived and caught a fish doing it.

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    Did you and Byron get anything lined out?

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