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Thread: Where to fish in Kingsport

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    Default Where to fish in Kingsport

    I'm headed to Kingsport in a few weeks. My son is playing in a baseball tournament there, and we'll both have time to do some fly fishing. I'm reading as much as I can about SoHo and Wautauga. Any advice on fishing those tailwaters?

    Also, are there any mountain streams around there to catch some brookies? I'm very unfamiliar with that area, but I want to fish!!!

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    north fork of the holston smallmouth bass kingsport
    south holston above ,bluff city
    watagua ,elizabethan
    several small streams around ,elizabethan,and mountain city

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    I fished em both today. sulphurs are hatching. BHPTs working well also. the watauga is stocked full w/ brookies. I caught at least 20 of them today.

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