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Thread: Tailwaters of Fontana Lake

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    Default Tailwaters of Fontana Lake

    I usually follow the threads regarding the GSMNP on a daily basis. Considering a trip soon and was wondering about the Tailwaters below Fontana. If it is on this section of the msg board I am not locating it. Is this resource worth exploring before going to Eagle Creek or Hazel Creek? Any descriptive information will be appreciated.
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    I was in that area a bout two weeks ago. The Little Tennessee below the dam seemed to be pretty big water with STEEP banks...I'm not sure if the water level changes much at all with generation because this area looks like lake empying into boat only. A sign posted said it was stocked routinely....after fishing Hazel I almost wished I had spent my time trying to get a few of the HUGE small mouth you can see swimming around in the clear greeblue water of Fontana.

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    You need a some type of boat to fish it. The put in and take out points are also very limited. Wading and bank fishing are almost non existant.
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