I don't have a whole lot of experience with salt water fly fishing, but I have to go to Tampa on business often enough that I'm considering a 4-piece rod to take with me. What I have in mind is wading in Tampa Bay. Specifically I'm thinking of a TFO Pro 8-weight, since I have a couple of 2-piece rods in 7- and 9-weight. They don't pack as easily and they're pretty slow. What could I expect to catch there, sea trout?

I get to Louisiana a couple of times a year also, for reds and trout, and I could see this rod being useful in Michigan if I can make another salmon or steelhead trip.

Anyone have any input, either as to my chances in Tampa area, choice of rod or rod size?

I've seen the TFO TiCr (X?) and it's nice but I don't know if that's worth the extra $100 for the amount of use I'd give it.