Hello all, made mention to matt the other day about a backcountry trip i had thought about taking and was wondering if some others were interested in giving it a shot. I know it's kinda short notice for some, but it will be a brookie trip so i don't want to wait too long and it breaks off cold. The trip will be on the nc side of the park fishing a very remote, and rather large brookie stream (pretty sure the largest in the park). The hike is relatively short, 5 miles to the campsite at the most, and fishing could give us a relatively good chance of catching a large brook trout and fishing water that hasn't been fished in a while. The only way to access this stream is via the 4-5 mile hike, so we will most likely see very few, if any, people.

If anyone is interested, let me know or shoot me an email at mtnman2888@yahoo.com. I was hoping a small group would come together and we could do it. Have a great day.