Paula, Byron and Daniel,

I know you all are very busy, but I wanted to see if there was any interest in adding a new forum to your messageboard. About half of the the Smoky Mountain Fishing forum has a lot of Backcountry content (hiking, backcountry campsites, and other items) that a lot of the folks fishing on the major routes are not as interested in. Not to mention that anytime anyone says anything about bears in the backcountry, newcomers to the forum get nervous, even if they are fishing from the roads.

Also, by having threads dedicated to information about camping, hiking, wildlife and plantlife you might be able to attract more folks onto the board and maybe even convince them to give FF a try.

The Backcountry Forum wouldn't have to be about just the Smokies. The guys over in NC could post their wild brookie backcountry reports along with those from the Smokies that the rest of us post.

Anyone have an opinion?