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Thread: Weekend Backpack, FlyfishTrip

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    All of the Park is designated camping only. Some sites, not 53, must be reserved. Those are usually ones that permit horses too. If you don't stay at a reserved site, all you need to do is go by a Ranger Station and register. There's one at each side of 441 at the Visitor's Center. Be sure to check what sites are closed for bear activity. All sites also have cables for hoisting up your food and other smelly stuff. Use them.

    With the cables, the mice are more of a problem than bears. I've heard there is a good food bag out that has some sort of re-enforcement in it they can't chew through. You might check out your local outfitter for one of those before you go. They love peanut butter bagles and any kind of gorp.

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    Well I have just got off work and fisished packing up all of my stuff. I am leaving in the morning as early as I can get up and plan on being at the trailhead at first light to hopefully get in and have my tent set up before any rain moves into the area. If its raining in the morning I'm heading out later because I need a rainfly for my pack.

    If your on the trail I'll probably be wearing a camo UT Vols hat and I'll be camping at 53 still.

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    designated camping only...with permits (free) cannot just go in and camp...unless ya got a big wallet
    I started with nothing, and I have most of it left.

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    i ended up doing 23. it was awesome my friend and i hiked it little river trail and goshen prong trail in about 2 1/2 hours. We got ther in time for about an horu and a half of fishing. in about an hour and a half i caught 4 brookies and 2 rainbows, and missed probably nine more. The next day we fished as we hiked down and i caught a brookie, a rainbow, and a brown! IT was and awesome trip, and i definitely reccomend it. We got up way too late to try deep creek, it was on the other side of the park but i want to try it soon. Thanks for all the help.

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