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Thread: Check out the stream flow

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    Default Check out the stream flow

    WOW! I just checked the stream flow on little river, and it has spiked up to 2.0 feet on the gauge. The weather rader showed a lot of rain in the area, and it appears its falling in the right place. Hopefully this is just the start of rainy weather to get the water table up, so that the fish won't have to deal with these extreme conditions anymore.


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    That is good news...the highest it has been in quite a while. Of course, the water table is still low, and it will take a while to make up for the deficit that built up over the dry winter...but, perhaps a corner has been turned. If the mountains get some rain just about every day for a while, things should be ok. Right now, the long-range forecasts give the region an equal chance for above or below normal precipitation and other words, normal.

    Looking at the storm totals on the radar, the spine of the mountains along the state line got a fair amount of rain...that's good - rain falling high will charge the rivers with a fresh slug of water all along the stream, instead of just in one area.

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    Default Little River flows

    I was coming down Little River this afternoon about 5:00PM and it was coming down real hard. After leaving LROs I went thru Wears Valley and it had rained so hard that water was standing in ponds and lakes. Cove Creek was running up to the top of it's banks. It sure was a good feeling to see that rain coming down like that after seeing Little River early this morning. We were on the Middle Prong of the Little Pigeon River(Greenbriar) today, and the water level looked good and the water temp was fine.
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    Radar estimates show 2-3 inches of rain fell over parts of Blount County!!! Hopefully it will keep coming, we need those water tables to get back up near normal...
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    I know most of you guys are down towards the souther end of the state, but i believe the northern end has gotten tons of rain the last couple days. I don't have any numbers for northern tn, but i know the watauga river right before it runs into tn has been well above normal the last couple days. The discharge is well over double what the normal is and it's been over what's normal for several days. Things are definitely looking up.....


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