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Thread: Silver Creek / Henry's Fork suggestions

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    I am mostly concentrating my tying Silver Creek patterns to:

    #17 PMDs in a Comparadun, as well as BHPT nymphs in #16, mostly flashbacks, and half and half emergers with a CDC wing.

    Callibeatis in #15 Comparaduns

    Trico spinners #20, and duns #20

    #17 BWO

    Foam hoppers #12. I don't like the big ones since they are harder to cast with 4 wt rod.

    Thanks for the replys.

    Flat Fly'n
    Snail.........I may do the float IF the money holds out...
    I am a great admirer of spectator sports, especially on television; it keeps the riffraff off the trout streams.

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    It sounds like you will be well prepared. I'm envious of your trip. SC is a beautiful piece of water.

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    I will put in a plug for the Southfork (Snake). A big river; 12,000 cfs when we were there (you may already know that). We floated the 3rd stretch the end of June and had about the best day of troutfishing I have had, the scenery is gorgeous to boot. Big fish, on big flies in the main currents (Bank pounding) with 3x. In the riffles which we would leave just because of time constraints (the fish never did stop rising) we fished 4x. We used HF Anglers; a guide by the name of JD Miller. He is fantastic. He will recommend the best water at the time if he is available. He loves the SF and the Box. Have a good trip, best to Dean as well.

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