Well the hike into 53 is very nice and pretty much down hill the entire way. The first part of the trail is some somewhat steep switchbacks down the mountain and then it just becomes a slight downhill grade pretty much the entire time. It only has one or two stream crossing, I guess depending on how much rain there has been recently. I made it to the campsite in an hour and a half. I passed a man and a woman about 20 minutes into walking who said that the creek was up pretty high and that they had been staying at 53 also. I was worried that I wouldnt get to the campsite before it started raining again but I made it without a single shower.

The campsite it pretty nice and I had a very nice place to pitch my tent, and used the bear cables to get my food off the ground. After setting up camp I hiked down the trail aways and began to fish. I caught all rainbows Saturday afternoon with some decent size fish mixed in with some tiny ones. All of the fish were caught on a size 16 olive EHC. I fished a copper john dropper behind it a few times through some deep runs but the fish seemed to want the dry. I fished until about an hour to dark and then came out alittle above the campsite and hiked back down to fix dinner. My new stove and cookset works amazingly. I had zitti with zuchinni and summer sausage. It was delicious. I had a small fire built and enjoyed that for a few hours before I turned in for bed. I felt like I had only been asleep for alittle while before it sounded like a monsoon was coming down around me but it did make for a pretty decent sleep.

I woke Sunday morning and fished for about 3 hours and caught fish just like I had done the day before but this time it was a little harder because the water was up quite a bit. I decided not to stay another night because I was afraid that I wouldnt make it to work on time Monday and headed back to the truck at around 1. Well the hike back up to the truck took me two and a half hours and was pretty intense the last mile but I wouldnt call it extremely difficult by any means.

All together it was a great trip and one that I would recommend. There is some great water on the upper section to fish and if I wasnt alone I probably would have explored alot of it but its different when your back there by yourself, you really dont want to take unnecessary risks. I probably brought 20+ fish to hand and missed many more I shouldnt have. But I look forward to making the trip again but this time hopefully not alone.