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Thread: Greenbrier

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    Thanks to all for the information. Let's pray for some rain and cooler weather.
    Don Winningham

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    If one believes the 10 day forecast, some cooler weather is coming toward the end of the 10 day

    Not cold but high 80's vs. mid to high 90s


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    just below the trailhead to ramsey is a tree with many many trunks growing out of a rock...just below that is a giant boulder and a small splash has held many a happy fish for me
    I started with nothing, and I have most of it left.

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    Fished with Bran yesterday evening on Greenbrier. He is in town for a few days so we met up at the picnic parking area. I arrived a few minutes before him and checked the water temp there at 67deg at 6pm. We drove on up to the ramsey's trailhead and hiked up to the turnaround. It was his first trip to Greenbrier and I wanted to put him on some brookies. I checked the temps there before fishing and it was 64deg. We hit all the deeper pools and caught several brookies and 1 rainbow before quiting around dark. The water flow was lower than my last trip there but the main runs were still 1-2 ft deep and the brookies were hot for a well drifted yellow para adams. I rechecked it again right at dark and it had dropped down to 63deg. If you fish the area, go at daylight or wait until after 6pm.

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