crpntr 191,
I have been wanting to fish on Abrams this year. With work and other stuff just haven't had time. Looking forward to the fishing report.
About the bear I agree with everyone. These nuts need to understand that they are in the wild and that any animal wild or tame should not be treated in this manner. A couple of years ago we were done fishing Abrams walking back up the trail when we saw to young people in their early 20's. They had a copperhead cornered, These fruitcakes were pocking it with a short stick,laughing and having a good time torturing this snake. My friend and I spoke up and told them to leave it alone because it was a poisons snake. They told us to mind our own business. That they could do what ever they want. We got angry and made them stop what they were doing. There were a few choice words exchanged between us. But we held our ground, I think they seen that we meant what we said and they stop and walked off. I don't think they understood how much danger they were in by picking at this snake. Before these people come to the park they should have to go to some type of safety class. this is just one of many stories I have seen this type of people do in the park. They have no respect for nature. My $.02 worth.
Good Luck fishing and my The Good Lord Bless You....