I havent been on line in a while. I havent had much time to fish this year either. I hope that is going to change in a few more weeks. I Just wanted to say thanks to LRO and staff. I had a friend who started FF this summer. His wife bought him an ff rod and reel somewhere other than LRO. She just didnt know about LRO. He was asking all kinds of questions about how to get the backing and line on the reel, what kind of knots to use and how to cast . Me still being new to FF myself I told him the best advice I could give him was to stop in at LRO and he could get any questions answered. LRO put the backing and the line on the reel for him, showed him how to tie the knots and how to cast the rod and answered the questions that he had. I saw him at work last week and he was very greatfull to you LRO. He promised he would be back for his future needs. I dont know who helped him out at LRO but Thank You to all.