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Thread: Patagonia Waders/Wading Boots

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    Default Patagonia Waders/Wading Boots

    I am curious what some of your opinions are on Patagonia waders and wading boots. I am planning to spend several days fishing in Colorado before the Fly Fishing Retailer Show, and want some waders that pack easily and do the obvious jobs of a pair of waders. I want some good ones that will handle this and other trips, possible steelheading or dream trip of taimen. Spending the past 8 years in the Keys has me a little out of the loop on waders. Thanks in advance for advice/info.


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    Drew, I own the Watermaster waders. They are great waders but were expensive. The main reason I purchased them was the excellent warranty program that Patagonia has. On the other hand, I have owned Patagonia wading books but have never like the fit of them and have always returned to the Simms boots.

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    I too have the watermasters and I tell you, they're worth the $$. I'm hard on waders but these have held up very well over the past couple years. if they can handle the Park, they can hold up anywhere. As far as boots go, I have not found anything more comfortable and durable as the Chota boots. Both brands have my confidence as far as warranty is concerned.
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