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Thread: Hiwassee still good?

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    Default Hiwassee still good?

    I was thinking about going to the Hiwassee next weekend, and was
    wondering if anyone knows if the heat wave has gotten the water too
    warm for decent fishing. I know that it has remained cooler than usual for
    most of the summer, but until recently the temps haven't been terribly hot.

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    I have no idea how it is fishing myself right now. I always check the stream report on
    "The gods do not deduct from man's allotted span the hours spent in fishing." Babylonian Proverb

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    The Hi is still in fine shape.. Mid 50's .... Has been fishin really well here lately...


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    It's fishing great right now.

    Keep in mind that I'm floating it under full 2 turbine flows. I see plenty of wade fishermen in the mornings as I'm making my boat ready, so I'd imagine the wade fishing is pretty good on low flows.

    With the water running, I'm (my boat) catching fish in the late morning and mid day hours with a variety of nymphs and softies. A little sporadic caddis action in the mix, but the fish are not rising well during the lunch hours.

    Around 2:00 the bite switches over to dry flies with big isonychias being the main bill, followed closely behind with a small BWO. The rise gets better all afternoon and usually holds strong until dark.

    Oh yea, if your wading....I'd recommend waders. It's still running between 55 and 58 and that's pretty darn cold. Trust me....I've seen some "BLUE" tubers lately.

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