I think, ultimately, it is not that big a deal. That's why I think I'll not worry about it much.

I've got an idea. We can do our own, extremely unscientific study. I'm sure that there are plenty of people fishing the park right now, just like there will be this weekend. And I'm sure that anglers are hitting the Smokies this summer just like they do every year. The idea is this: Byron says that this is the worst summer he has ever seen in his entire 15 years here (that tells me that maybe he wasn't around when things got really bad in 1987, but that is unimportant for this discussion). If, come Fall and Spring, Byron reports the fishing as "good" or "great" in most areas, we'll know that the high temps and low waters never really mattered. If the fishing is poor, we'll at least know that some combination of angling, temps, and low water probably caused it.