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Thread: Great Tool for Old Eyes

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    Default Great Tool for Old Eyes

    Bless you, Paula!
    Today I was by the store and asked Paula if there was something that could help old eyes thread small tippets through small hooks in dim light (or any light for that matter). She demonstrated for me the Awjan Magnetic Threader (yeah, magnetic) by Anglers Image. She easily threaded a 4X tippet through a #12 fly there in the store and sold me right away. Well, after I got home tonight, I tried it with a 6X tippet and a #16 Parachute Adams (fuzzy head and all) and after a couple of false starts, that sucker slid right through! And I was doing it in my study in light where I couldn't see the eye and could barely see the tippet. Evening fishing might be a possibility for me after all.

    Thanks again, Paula, for a great find.
    Charlie B

    His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me.

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    Heh...I need one of those gadgets too.

    So happy it worked for is pretty amazing.


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