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    Question Dix River

    I've heard about the dix river in Ky But have never fished it myself. I was wondering if anyone could give me any info about flies, where exactly is it, browns or bows, and any other info you could give me. Thanks in advance I always get good help from the members of this site.

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    3wt, good fishing in the Dix but very limited access from the road. You can launch a boat at Bryant's Camp (Lake Herrington) and go the Dix from the lake. As with most of the Eastern US, Central KY is in a moderate to severe drought so the water levels can be tricky.

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    Never fished it but it is located @ 60 mins south of Frankfort. Primary area for trout is is below the generating dam. Need a boat to access. If you want some local knowledge check out Derby City Fly Fishers (?). Club out of Louisville. Google it and you will get the link. They have a map on the web page for more detailed info. If you want email them also. I did a year ago when I was making an extended trip to Louisville and the response was great. About 4-5 different guys emailed back with info. Drawback is access which is what kept me away.

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