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Thread: Where is that hole?

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    Question Where is that hole?

    I see comments on the board many times talking about "the glory hole", "the horseshoe", and other locations on various rivers. Does anyone have maps or something to identify these locations on the rivers? I love fishing the mountain streams; but I live in middle Tennessee, and I don't get to have the conversations that some of you who live in east Tennessee get to have with other local fishermen. I am envious! That is one reason I appreciate this board so much.

    If maps are not available, someone could probably make a little money by publishing them.
    Don Winningham

    I don't live just to fish, but I want to fish just as long as I live.

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    The glory hole is on the middle prong! Head up to the bridge that crosses over to the tremont center, park, and it's around the first bend upstream from there! Byron's dedicated glory hole! The horseshoe is refering to Abrams Creek! Never been myself but I do know there are two "Horseshoes" more or less a hair pin like turn in the stream! There is the little horseshoe and the big horseshoe,,,,in that order by means of the trail from cades cove! All of which are good spots but some of the better ones are the undiscovered ones! If your wanting a good map of these water sheds then I'll suggest a book for you! It covers a wide array of Tennessee tailwaters and with a big emphasis on streams right here! Hope this helps!


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    Some of those commonly heard names like "metcalf botttoms", "the sinks" and such are marked by signs. Most others are easily found on topo maps like the "horseshoes". Many of the places were given names by locals that have fished the area for many years and just refer to these places to others as a point of reference. You probably won't find them listed on any map. Places like "the crusher", "trash can alley", "the woot wad"(not root), "Mary's rock", "Indian head"and many others are known either as big fish locations or by some geographical feature. Myself, and a few other friends made a map using odometer readings to the locations of big browns that were either spotted during the spawn or actually C&R fish. It took several years of walking the banks and observing the water to make it. it is continuously updated with our fishing journals. Don't expect to see it ever published though!
    Best recommendation for you is to hire a local guide like Hugh or Chad Williams and pick their brain and then keep a journal for yourself.

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    See if this helps any!

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    I understand the publishing thing, what about a photo copy?

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    The Glory Hole is just below the second bridge after you make the turn on Tremont Road. If you reach the Institute you have gone too far. There is a large parking area on the left and another on the right. This hole is very deep and a 30" brown trout was caught out of it several years ago. There is a large concrete slab left over from an old bridge demolition. I've had fish run under it and break me off more than once.


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    Default Horseshoe

    You can find these good fishing holes on your own too, even with limited time. I realize you want to maximize your time on the water, but discovery is half the fun. For example, when I first started really getting serious about trout, I had read nice things about Abrams Creek. So I got out a topo of it and looked for what would be good remote spots away from trails.... And found The Horseshoe. Funny thing is, that's exactly what I named it too. 12 years later, I found this forum, and imagine my surprise to find people referring to MY SPOT by the same name I did! Of course, the first person to fly fish it many, many years before me probably called it The Horseshoe too (BTW, The Horseshoe is not really a hole, it is like 1.5 miles of the roughest wading you can imagine. Don't try it alone unless you are in great shape).

    For me, once everyone knows about a hole, it kinda diminishes the fun of it. I'd rather fish a place no one knows about, even if the fishing isn't great.

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