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Thread: Smokies trip week of 8-13

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    Default Smokies trip week of 8-13

    Thought it would never get here but finally made it back to fish some last week. I only had a few opportunities between going to parks etc. with my wife and 8 yr old daughter. I visited Metcalf bottoms a couple times and caught a couple of fish, dropped by LRO and picked up my newest addition ( a TFO 4 wt.) that Troutman recommended me to look at. I love it, great feeling rod!
    The highlight of the trip though was meeting up with Troutman and getting to catch a few Brookies. We went up Greenbriar last Tuesday and although we had to go a good ways to get to fishable water it was well worth it! We caught a few Brookies on dry flies and even a decent Rainbow.

    All in all an exceptional trip for me, I really enjoyed it. I also learned something about warm water and Trout, they don't take too well to it.
    Anyhow I appreciate the help with finding fish to all who contribute to the board and I admire all of you who can fish more often in the park. I look forward to the next trip already.

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    Had a good time showing you some of my favorite brookie water. I hope you get to come back when the water conditions are better. For all of the readers concerned about us fishing last week, We hiked to water temps of 63-64deg. with good stream flows, and depths. I check temps often and personally won't fish for trout in water over 68 deg. We missed as many fish as came to hand, they were very willing to eat as the evening progressed. We quit at dark and hiked back to the trailhead hoping not to run into any bears in the dark......Gary

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