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Thread: NEW FLIES! 08/24/07 - Walt's Poppers

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    Default NEW FLIES! 08/24/07 - Walt's Poppers

    Walt's Poppers have arrived at Little River Outfitters and !!

    We will be stocking:
    Black w/Olive Scales & Chart Legs
    Black w/White Legs
    Chartreuse w/White Legs
    Chartreuse/Black w/White Legs
    all in sizes #6, #8, #10

    As Troutman has said in other posts. These are excellent poppers.

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    Thank you for getting this product. Thanks Troutman for suggesting it. I can't wait to try them out. I've been doing the panfish thing as of late. Any smallie water active with this drought?
    "The gods do not deduct from man's allotted span the hours spent in fishing." Babylonian Proverb

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    Default Gary

    I might add that Troutman's suggestion to theses flies will more than likely pay off for LRO....They are truley beautiful poppers that appear to be well constructed. I got the sneak peak at them yesterday fresh out of the Fed Ex mans hands! I could not work at LRO, after watching Daniel tear into a package like a kid at Chrismas! I too would fall victim to this sort of behavior! He wouldn't let Paula touch them!!!! I kidd! They are some good looking poppers!


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    I was like a kid in a candy store this afternoon when I went by LRO to restock my popperbox. I will be slinging a few of them tommorrow. Thanks again Byron, Paula , and Daniel for carrying this product. Tightlines to everyone this weekend!

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    I am in the process of making a bunch of poppers at home. Daniel brought in one each of Walt's poppers yesterday so I could photograph them for the website. It never occured to me to use rubber legs for tails. I'm going to give that a try. I also noticed on these poppers that they use stiff dry fly hackle. I always used soft Chinese neck hackle. This looks a lot better to me and the fish must agree.


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    I picked some up today in hopes of getting some time on the water tomorrow. They looked really good.

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