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Thread: Byron's Les Paul

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    I agree that Jimi and Stevie put their stamp on music, but what about Jimmy Page or Chet Atkins or Eddie Van Halen. They all pick a mean guitar. I think they changed their genre of music. I don't play but I really like all types of music. Blue Grass is my favorite. I got to meet Mr. Bill Monroe at a festival before he past away. I thought that it was cool to me him. I like the sound of a good banjo. But any music will do. If I played a guitar it would be a Martin. I have a friend who plays. He owns a old Martin and it sounds really great. I do not know what the model is. Well I guess that I'll turn on the i -pod and tie some flies.


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    Default Making Music

    I too make a little music. I find it really neat how sitting down and playing for a while each day helps me reach my innermost feelings-much the same as standing in the river does. My playing is mostly confined to acoustic but my friends say I tend to be eclectic. Working affords me the opportunity to have some nice guitars. I currently have too many, but my favorites are a 1977 Martin D-28, an Eric Clapton Signature Model Martin 00028EC, and a Martin 0015. My oldest nephew has a vintage Les Paul. I really enjoy hearing him play it. I also have a Gibson f-5 mandolin that I am beginning to make some fair sounds come out of, but I'm no Grisman yet. My favorite artists are many, but guitar wise, here are a few-ERIC CLAPTON(got to meet him in August 2006), Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Albert and BB King, TONY RICE, Norman Blake, JAMES TAYLOR, Jerry Garcia(especially his acoustic stuff with David Grisman), NEIL YOUNG, Brian Sutton, Tim Stafford (an old high school friend who introduced me to Bluegrass-currently with BLUE HIGHWAY), and many others.

    One of my favorite things in life is to sit down after a good day of fishing with a old scottish beverage, my guitar, and my dog curled up at my feet to let my soul fly for a spell. I am thankful I found out about doing it!

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    Default Hey Byron (and Paula)

    What about a pick-in at the shop to bring the pickers/fishers together since we can't (won't) fish the Park? Maybe a bit of assistance from TU or Townsend and a few burgers, etc. Could even be a fundraiser.

    Bring your guitars and fly rods and make music, have fun, make friends and spend $$ at your shop for better days ahead. Hastily assembled, around the third weekend of Sept? (I suggest that for selfish reasons since I'll be gone until then). A catchy name needed.

    1. The First-Quite-Possibly-Occasionally-Annual Pick and Cast.
    2. Drought and Trout
    3. ByronFest

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    Sorry about another post in this thread.

    I didn't realize there would be so many Martin fans here. If you're a Martin guitar player you may want to visit the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum. The web address is or you can type the full web address of

    It's a pretty decent group of musicians. I'm going picking with a bunch of them today.


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    As a teenager I made many mistakes. As an adult I made more. But one of the worst mistakes I have ever made is trading my Gretsch Chet Atkins Tennessean which I got new around 1967 or 1968 for an electric piano. That guitar made me sound much better than I was. I still miss it. I can even still smell it. I saw George Harrison with one, tried one out at a music store in New York and got it for Christmas from my parents. I was a spoiled kid.

    My favorite guitarists now are: David Gilmour, Steuart Smith, Mark Knopfler and Eric Clapton.

    JD, Music at the shop is a great idea. That will take some thought.


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    I see no one has mentioned Richie Sambora or C.C. DeVille.
    Seriously, though, I'm at work, I've gotta quit reading this stuff. Its not even about fishing. Apparently your tax dollars are being well spent.
    Life is hard. But it's a lot harder if you're stupid.

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    Default Paulapalooza

    I play as well (Taylor 514ce). I would love to see a music day at the shop. I am not a great player, but my guitar makes me sound alot better than I really am... How about PAULAPALOOZA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Griffing View Post
    I see no one has mentioned Richie Sambora or C.C. DeVille.
    And let's not forget Angus Young, and Slash! And also the great blues men B.B. King, Buddy Guy and T-bone Walker.

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    Default Jimi and Stevie

    Stevie was the ONLY one who could ever do justice to Voodoo Chile (Slight Return). Many have attempted, many have failed miserably.

    One name that I have not heard is a guy that has flown under the radar for a few years - Joe Bonamassa. Great blues and rock guy.

    Rock on with tight lines.
    Charlie B

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