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Thread: Asheville, NC Hemlock Article

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    Default Hemlock progress report

    This Sunday's Knoxville News Sentinel contained a couple stories on the plight of the Hemlock in the Smokies and the progress the park service has made to date. The second article had some specific numbers regarding treatments in a number of areas in the park - both roadside and backcountry.

    Kind of encouraging...


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    Thanks for the links Gerry. I do believe there is a better long-term chance at survival of some hemlocks since it's an insect killing the trees instead of a disease like the chestnut blight. The blight persists even after mature chestnut trees have been gone for at least 50 years. Seems like the adelgid would put itself out of business if it killed the majority of hemlocks in a particular area.

    I wasn't aware that they were treating hemlocks in the more remote areas of the Park. They should be commended for doing the hard work that is necessary do do these types of treatments. Hopefully, the predator beetles they are releasing will grow in population so biological control is possible as well.


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