You can go right now...but, you have to pick your spots. The N.C. side has been looking better. I fished Straight Fork last weekend, and the flow and temp was fine. On the other hand, Little River looked horrible. Right now, the water table is low, and it will take a long time for it to catch up - really it will take a year or two of above-average precipitation for things to even out; droughts don't start and stop on a dime, and this one has been a few years in the making. In the meantime, if a given watershed gets some decent rain every few days, it will be fine. However, if an area goes any length of time without rain, the streams in that area will suffer, because it can't get much recharging help from the aquifer.

Even with all that, the fish can handle the low water, provided it doesn't get too warm. That has been the problem with some streams - low and warm water. The days are getting noticeably shorter, though, so those cool nights are coming.