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Thread: Here we go again...Proposed Clinch Slot Limit

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    i know that the guys from twrc and twra have been fishing with the kentucky fisherys guys on the cumberland, they have done this more than once , and have been impressed with the quality of fish and numbers . i hope this translates to quality fishing here in tn. but it seems that the clinch land owner association are opposed to any changes and are threating legal action.
    i don't understand the beef they have.they still can keep a limit of those little stocker they have always kept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billyspey View Post
    they still can keep a limit of those little stocker they have always kept.
    True, and in the case of most slot limit scenarios.....they can still keep a real trophy as well if they so desire as most slots allow one fish over the protected slot.

    Not that I support that or anything...but we'd have to honor it and not look down our noses at those who decided to.

    A slot limit on the Clinch would be a wonderful thing. As would all of the fly guys, hardware fishermen, bait chuckers, and land owners working together to really better fishery.

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    Default Slot on the Clinch

    Is this a done deal? There was a comment period, I bet most of you put in your 2 cents. I did and received a response the same day. The Clinch was a much better fishery when the trophy section was in place. There were many more large fish in the river then. It has been proven that the fish grow at outrageous rates in the Clinch when left to grow. Maybe the time has finally come. The face of the Landowner is changing, many more weekend homes along the river, people there for the fishing, looking for quality fish.
    I hope TWRA stands their ground.
    Tight lines,

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    Not a done deal yet. TWRA has proposed regulation changes for four East TN areas. The proposed Clinch River slot limit is one of those four. If you read the News Sentinel article (link in my firs tpost here), you'll see that LUCRO is gearing up for another fight to defeat them.


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    As an interested spectator in this discussion, if there is one certain thing, it is that regulations have to change with the times - and they have. I remember my dad telling me that, when he was growing up, you didn't need a fishing license in Louisiana, and there were no limits on anything; you didn't need them - the resource was that good, and the boats and motors of that time were so unreliable, no one could cover a lot of water or go very far from the launch. Fast forward to when I was growing up - you only needed a license for freshwater, and it cost all of $2.50 (enshrined in the the state constitution at that). There were limits, but they were pretty liberal - 15 bass, no size limit, and in saltwater, you could take a combination of 50 speckled trout and redfish per person - a "box of mixed" as they say around here. Now, not only do you need a basic license, you have to pay extra for a saltwater stamp...however, I still consider it a bargain - mine last year ended up costing $15 - really a nominal fee. There are all sorts of slot limits and restrictions on bass, depending on where you fish, and saltwater has really changed - 5 redfish a day, with only one over 27 inches allowed, 16 inch minimum, and 25 speckled trout a day, 12 inch minimum. Over in Texas, it's 14 inches/15 a day, I believe. Guess what? The fishing is better than ever, with more quality fish landed. It's needed - more people are on the water than ever before, with boats with high-quality motors that can get out to places only dreamed of when my dad was a kid.

    Now, if Louisiana, which is hardly known for enlightened policies in any area of government, can come up with regulations that most people seem to be able to live with, why can't Tennnessee in the case of this tailwater? This slot limit certainly seems reasonable, as has been pointed out on other posts on this thread...what I don't understand is what is the landowners' beef with this? Is it a case of them having the attitude that "it's my fish, since I live here on the river"? We went through that about a decade ago here, with the commercial fishermen and the gill net ban.

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    Default Slot Limits

    Would whoever is in charge of spearheading these proposed changes please PM me if your interestaed in support from other areas of the state. Evidently there are several people lurking in the shadows on this issue according to the number of times this post has been viewed.

    Curtis Martin

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    Default Support for Slot Limit

    Although I will probably never fish the Clinch, better management of any fishery is a good thing for everyone.
    Gerry if you know the email address of the TWRA person responsible for getting public comments, could you post it on the board? There are probably a number of folks outside of East Tennessee who would support getting this proposal approved byTWRA.

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    Default Last chance for the Clich River or Mediocrity through poor management

    There are a couple of observations that I find interesting on this whole scenario.

    1. Paraphrasing from the Trout management report for this year from TWRA...Of the six "heavily fished tailwaters" in the state,the Clinch is the ONLY tailwaters without any form of regulations....

    Solution....maybe those of us that use the Clinch for sport fishing and some of those folks are indeed landowners should hire an attorney to include the Clinch in these special regulation waters, which is by their own statement the most fished, or drop all regs on the other 5 tailwaters so that the Clinch is not singled out....or left out.

    2. Mr. Kline (attorney for LUCRO) probably does not do this for free.

    Solution...Surely someone at TWRA can see this for what it is. Given the 300-400 dollars per hour charge, every phone call, every trip to Nashville. He only makes money if he is dragging this out, stirring the pot, and issuing statements of the poor starving landowners and users of the Clinch River. Maybe he should point out to the landowners that their property values would more than likely to increase IF the fishing improved to world class.

    3... Mr. Kline has not done his homework

    Solution....As an attorney he needs to present evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt(sounds like lawyer talk don't it) that slot limits are BAD for trout management.

    4....That LUCRO has managed to dictate policy on the Clinch River since the 90's.

    While I have come to agree with them over the initial bad decision that was railroaded through by TU members, this horse is dead....WE are not talking about total control of even a section of river where one cannot keep fish.. We are talking about improving a fishery with proven methods.

    Solution...IF LUCRO insist on dictating management policy on the Clinch, then I say let TWRA stop stocking the river (TWRA is paid to manage the fisheries), and let LUCRO collect fees and stock the fish for John Q public to remove as they see fit.

    5...Keep the rivers in East Tennessee put and take

    Solution....IF the fishermen in this area want a put and take river..Let them have the Holston.. Reduce the number of fish stocked in the Clinch, give that to the Holston and let them take them out by the bucket full.. The river warms up too much in the summer, although there are some hold overs. If this is unacceptable to those from Anderson county unwilling to drive to the Holston, then find a pond or for that matter a swimming pool and dump a thousand fish in there every Saturday morning and let the games begin.

    6....LUCRO wants no regulations on the river the LANDOWNERS have....


    7... If there is no improvement in the fisheries in the next 3-5 years....

    Solution....Change it back. God knows we have lived with LUCRO's management of this river since the 90's and it has been proven not to be working for the past 16 years!

    Flat Fly'n
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    I am a great admirer of spectator sports, especially on television; it keeps the riffraff off the trout streams.

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    Hi Flat,

    I was wondering if you missed this thread. And, I called RunningWolf yesterday just to check on him.


    Yesterday I talked to Frank Fiss who is in charge of the trout program at TWRA. He would appreciate your comments. That is a very important part of this process. The Commission and the agency considers written individual opinions either pro or con. They have an e-mail address set up for your responses.

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    Default Delay in response.

    I had not missed the thread, however I was waxing and waning over a complete apathy towards this ongoing situation waiting for TWRA to grow a backbone and tell these guys just who is in charge, to trying to control my blood pressure long enough for a response.

    I will forward my response to TWRA. I would hope that others will do so as well. Giving up now will certainly be the death nail for the river to advance. Funny thing is. I just got back from Idaho. The best fishing, numbers, not neccessarily size(although I saw some REALLY big fish that obviously were smarter than I am), were from streams that had either C&R restrictions, or two-fish with slot limits(Big Wood River from Bellvue to Ketchum, and Silver Creek). The others ie. Big Lost River in Mackay, ID will never see me again. Public access is limited, NO special regulations, and the fishing absolutely was non-existant secondary to most of the fish in those sections had been fished out.

    With great regards,
    Flat Fly'n
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    I am a great admirer of spectator sports, especially on television; it keeps the riffraff off the trout streams.

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