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Thread: Brook Treasure

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    Default Brook Treasure (see pic)

    My wife and I went up this weekend. Saturday I decided to go up above the Chimneys to check out the water. The water was 61 degrees, and it had rained the night before so I suppose it was up some but still lower than last time I was there. I fished for about 2 hours. I caught 12 - 8 rainbows and 4 brookies. Four of the fish were small, but the others were nice fish for that stream. I caught the largest brook trout I have caught. It was not huge, but it was great for me. I really respect these guys. I got him back in the water as soon as possible after making a picture, and he slowly made his way up stream in a clear pool so I could watch him for a while. It was
    just one of those moments I will always remember.

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    Don Winningham

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    Default A brookie moment


    I know how you feel with the brookie moment. It never gets old - they are definitely a treasure. Crown jewels of the Smokies.
    Charlie B

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    Glad to hear that the water temps were, we need to keep getting showers every few days - the cooler nights are definitely coming with the shorter days; I've never really thought about it, but the angle of the sun right now is the same as just takes a while for the temps to even out.

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    Hello Don,

    Thats' a nice looking brookie, sounds like the fishing in the higher elevation streams was a little better this weekend. The temp is a bit better, when I fished with Hans around three weeks ago it was 63 degrees at the bridge by the Chimneys picnic area pull off. Of course it was in the high nineties that week. Hope the rains keep hitting that area so I can get some good fishing in this fall after I move to E. TN.


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