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    Can anyone tell me what companies make a good 9' 6wt or 7wt fiberglass rod at an affordable price. I want quality at a reasonable price with a good warrenty.
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    I don't think any of the manufacturers make a 9ft glass rod anymore. Send me an email and I will send you a link to a glass flyrodder forum which will be answer alot of questions. They have a link list of manuf. also.

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    Don't think you will find anything over an 8' 5wt in glass anymore (new)

    I would do the e-bay thing. Look for Phillipsons, Orvis "full-flex", Fenwicks, and Lamiglass for the better rods. Then you might step down a notch for Shakespeare wonder rods, eagle claws (wright&mcgill) and martins. Heddon made some decent glass rods and were sold under the names of various dept stores. Good luck and happy hunting!


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    Default glass rods

    I saw several fiberglass fly rods at the flea market at the Pigeon Forge exit recently. I have in the past seen several on the 127-yard sale. I acquired two telescoping steel fly rods years ago on that sale

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    dave redington makes a 8'6" 6wt fiberglass rod(made in USA)that is great--Southfork Rod Company---Florida---give him a call---plus if you are lucky he will tell you his horror story about selling out to one of the biggies in fly fishing

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