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Thread: Morning Possibilities?

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    Default Morning Possibilities?

    Well since water is low in the mountains anyway, the rain shouldnt blow out any streams right? Also, I have never fished when the water is dingy after showers. Should I go up high tomorow morning or what? Im lost, give me guidance please.
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    Default Get on up


    I fished the West Prong of the Little Pigeon today. Got no strikes the first two hours and the rain started coming down. Caught 12 before I left with 7 if them in the 10-12 inch range. Before I left, the water had really gotten up and the rain was still coming down. Should be a good weekend for fishing on that side of the mountains. As I was coming out, Little River was up a little but still pretty low.

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    I've most always had luck when there's dinge on the water, just as long as its not to dark a stain. weighted and unweighted nymphs are a go and if the stain is light a big dryfly can turn a few. It will also cover , to some extent, oporator error and give some of the bigger fish a bit more confidence in there feeding. This is theory of course but its worked well for me. best of luck to you

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