A buddy and I are going over to Flippin for the majority of next week. Will be staying at the White hole area on the White river. Reports have been good from there especially if your able to float higher water. Morale is high. We were able to bum a drift boat. Original idea was to pull my jon boat with a 25 and some very experimental oars over there. Locals there don't think of drift boats as much more than a sailboat. The idea of the White River johnboat is deeply ingrained here, as much as the Ausauble boats are in Michigan on the Ausauble River near Grayling. I feel like I may be a bit more stealthy in a drifter, say compared to a boat with the motor running, but that's just me. Weather looks good for next week. Feels like fall and I'm ready. Will try and post report later, unless the kids pour another coke all down in the keyboard.