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Thread: Greenbriar Trip Sat Sept 15.

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    Default Greenbriar Trip Sat Sept 15.

    I left Knoxville early to meet up with my TU Acid deposition team over on Cosby Creek. We did our sampling and I was done pretty early. I headed in to Gatlinburg for some lunch and then I was on my way over to Greenbriar to meet pineman. I got there at about noon and pineman was already rigging up. We spoke to one gentleman who was leaving. He had fished the stretch we were going to fish. He said he caught a few small ones. The river looked real good with a good flow. The water temp was 63. I anticipated a real good day. Oh bowy was I wrong. I lost three fish in the first hour and then I didn't even get any takes. I managed to get takes from small fry that was it. I went through a dozen different patterns and sizes but to no avail. I told Neal, this was going to be the first day this year without any fish. I.e. I was going to be SKUNKED. I finally managed to catch one small fish after about five hours of fishing. The hatches were sparse and I saw few sallies. They are on their last leg. I saw some tiny olive looking mayflies size 18. It didn't matter though, they didn't take anything I was offering them. Neal Showed me how to fish today and he caught about 7 or so. The highlight of the day was the big bear coming down the stream bank. The bear didn't even care about us. It just walked past us and I was trying to get out my camera. I managed to get the camera out and then what? Depleted batteries. I couldn't do anything right today. This was one of those days, that if you were a beginner you probably would question this whole sport. Humbling experience but fun anyway.

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    I have mixed feelings about your report. On one hand, my heart goes out to you for the lack of success. On the other hand, it's reassuring for us novices that even a veteran like you has a day like that. Thanks for sharing the down days as well as the up.
    Charlie B

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    I think the drought has brought the fishing down to my skill level. In all of the times we have fished together, I believe that's the first time I have caught more than you. I think the fish are so stressed and hungry that they won't hit a good drift, LOL. Seriously, I am pleased that I seem to be hooking a higher percentage of the fish that to hit my fly. The three times I have fished in the Park this year I have had a pretty good hookup to strike ratio. Hopefully, this continues after I get moved to East TN later this month, and fish regain there senses when this drought cycle is done.


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    Default West Prong 9-16

    My son and I didn't fare very well on the WP Gorge today either. The water temp was around 59 at 2pm, but it didn't appear that many of the fish were looking up. The water level was great and it should have been a great day. We had very few refusals, the fish just stayed out of sight. The fishing did get a bit better around 3pm, but not much. We caught about 10 between us in about 5hrs, which isn't bad, but it had been much better through that section with poorer conditions.

    My guess is that the fish where still getting used to the higher water and should be more agreeable in a day or if only I could call in sick...

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    Default Deep Creek 9-15

    I fished Deep Creek yesterday with the same results. I threw everything I had in the box and landed one. I've been beating myself up about it until I read your post. We'll get em next time.

    That's why they call it fishing.

    Mr. Vandalay

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    Default You are not alone....

    Glad to see I wasn't the only one having troubles Saturday.

    After we finished with the acid deposition in Cades Cove, I trucked over to Elkmont and hiked in about 2 miles. I had a feeling that I wouldn't enjoy the football contest scheduled for that afternoon (man, was that "feeling" ever on the money).

    I fished for four hours in some of my favourite spots only to land two fish. Now I did have a few LDR's involving quality fish, and I did miss a lot of smaller fish, but I thought the cooler weather and temporarily raised water levels would have produced some more action.

    Oh well, next time. Having to fish all these tailwaters this summer has slowed my reaction time down, and we all know seven inch wild trout will throw a hook more often than a twelve inch stocker, right?
    Charles M.

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