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Thread: Wading

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    Default After reeading "Snaildarters" response...

    I thought I would add an amen to his comment about or to the effect that your health and welfare are more important than that of your rod or other gear.

    Almost 2 years ago as I was fishing along Little River, near Elkmont, I slipped and almost dropped my rod. In order to save my rod (which is a St Croix with lifetime warranty), I strecthed myself and fell accross a large boulder. I ended up with a bruised arm and after I returned home upon having my annual physical, the Dr. noticed I had torn a spot on my lower stomach resulting in a hernia. Let's see, to have my rod repaired would have been less than $30.00 dollars, hernia surgery?...Thankfully the hernia was small and appears to be healing without need or surgery

    When all is said and done it's far cheaper and wiser to replace broken or lost gear than to mend your injured body.


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    Gaintfish, as you have proably seen I fish a section of water at a quik pace, but when wading I will stand a look at the river for a long time. I like to figure out where to go and what steps I need to take to get where I want ot go and once i get there how to get back out. I also look at how much impact I am going to have on the fish and determine if the trout will bust me. I have learned that rock hopping can get you wet faster than anything and also puts up up with in the trout's field of view. Watch for angled rocks which wild slide you into a deep hole most times. If walking on leaves watch for hidden holes. As you know I tend to spend alot of time in the backcountry by myself (even with a healing broken foot) and the only way I can dothis is to be super carefull.

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    Wade into position and then cast. Don't try to wade and cast at the same time.
    "Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it."
    Salvador Dali

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