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Thread: Thunderhead Prong - 9-18

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    Default Thunderhead Prong - 9-18

    Left work a little early yesterday and fished up Thunderhead Prong. Arrived at the stream about 3pm and the water temp was 64 degrees. I started out below the confluence of Lynn Camp and Thunderhead and immediately caught two 7" rainbows on a #14 PA. I thought it would be a great trip, but unfortunately I was wrong. I managed only four more fish for the next 3 hrs (3 were dinks). Very few of the fish were looking up and most were very small. The water was low and slow. The slowness of the water being the biggest problem. The few fish that did rise could spend and eternity inspecting the fly before deciding on some action (which was usually to turn tail and hunker back down on the bottom). I had been getting spoiled over on the WPLP with the faster water (and bigger fish).

    It is a nice stream although Lynn Camp looked to be nicer. I'll probably give that a go, the next time I sneak out early.

    Has anyone had much success lately on Thunderhead or Lynn Camp?

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    The Problem with Thunderhead is like you have already discovered, it is small and even under normal water flow it is normally difficult. Don't get me wrong, there's fish in there and one of my buddies, pineman love that stream. I feel there are more and better opportunities elsewhere. It is a nice stream to be on thouhg, but again about a mile or so up it is just a trickle. I would use that stream as a backup during high water events. Just my two cents.

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    Hello all,

    I had good luck on Thunderhead Prong 4-5 years ago in the summer when water levels were higher than normal for that time of year. Caught some pretty decent bows for a small stream on the section where the stream leaves the old trail. The last time I tried to fish this stream was in the fall several yrs ago with lower water levels, and I didn't have any luck at all. I moved over to Lynn Camp and had a fair amount of success. I would keep Thunderhead in your memory bank though when water levels are higher and the fish move up from the Middle Prong. One nice thing about this stream is that if you like to get away from the crowds at Tremont not many people go up that way since the old trail isn't maintained by the Park. I would like to fish Sams Creek one day when they open it up to fishing. There is some nice looking water on that stream.

    Thanks for the report Pete. I like reading reports on lesser known streams of the Smokies. BTW, I have never had a bad day (skunked) on Lynn Cammp, although I have never fished it doing the type of water levels that have been common this season.

    Have fun!


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