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    Default Scott Or Sage

    I am looking for a new 9 wt rod medium action. I am trying to decide between a scott or sage. I do not know alot about either and there are no dealers around here locally to try them. I would be using it mainly for largemouth bass and light to medium saltwater. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Do yourself a favor and get a Scott STS 9 weight. If I could only have one fly rod for the rest of my life that would be the one I would choose. I have caught everything from 150 lb tarpon to big bonefish and permit on this rod. It casts accurately and comfortably at all distances. The series was discontinued about 5 or 6 years ago but will be available starting in October for one year only. The STS is arguably the absolute best series of saltwater fly rods ever produced (and I have cast most of them). I will definitely be getting a couple of STS rods this year.


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    I have a Scott G2 9' 5wt and it's an awsome rod.


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    It's not really a medium action rod, but a friend loaned me a Sage Xi2 for a saltwater trip last year. 9' 8wt. The friend builds custom rods, and the Sage was his personal bass/salt rod. I spent two days fishing it (fishless, naturally), but I really, really liked how it cast. He's wrapping one for me now.

    Hopefully in two weeks I'll get a chance to try it out on some salmon in MI. Can't wait!

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    Default Scott on sale

    Scott is discontinuing their S3 series and they have the S3S for saltwater. My local shop has them for 40% off. I just got the S3 906-4 for $375 and I think the S3S is $405. I'll be using the Scott for throwing Bass flies and the fly shop guys recommended the Scott over the Sage VT2 because it is faster and will handle the bigger bugs. I cast it side-by-side with the TFO TiCrX which was their other recommendation. I can't explain the difference, but, boy, could I feel it! There was just something about the feel of the Scott.

    I own a Sage VT2 3wt., the Scott, a Redington TFF 8wt, a Winston-Joan Wulff 5wt and a couple of Orvis starter rods. As you can see, I don't have a favorite brand and I love each of the rods for different reasons. I don't know which Sage you want, but if you are going to spend in the $400 range, I don't think you can beat the Scott right now.
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