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    The hot, dry drought conditions we've experienced the last several months have been brutal on the trout, but it's made for an excellent small mouth summer. In another post I saw Byron mention Anthony Hipps, his soft-bodied poppers are most excellent and one of my favorite ties...and to beat all Anthony is one nice guy. I mainly fish the New in VA and NC, but also fish the Toe, FB, and Pidgeon in NC. Poppers, gurglers, sliders, clousers, and crayfish imitations have all produced well the last several months. Fall still holds some awesome smallie fishin...willing fish and cooler temps, what more could you ask. So get out there and catch some smallies as the temps drop and the water levels hopefully increase.

    Anthony Hipps style poppers

    The results

    The last 2 fish were caught 2 minutes apart on that same popper as in the 2nd pic...not real sure why I looked so happy

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    Those are some great looking fish.
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    Nice Fish! Nice Poppers! And, Anthony is one heck of a nice guy.


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