A couple of us just spent four days on the White river, south of Mtn. Home. Just as we arrived, the Corps of Engineers changed the generation (knew it would happen) on us, so we only had two days where we could float the drift boat. The last two days we spent at a couple of access points, wading.Weather was just plain hot. Most anything seemed to work for us. I started the first morning with streamers and just whacked a good number of fat rainbows up to around fifteen inches. We put the boat in late up at the dam and floated back to White Hole, where we were staying. Hoppers,tarantulas, beetles, streamers again, all worked. Most fish we caught on that float were around 14" and fat, full of fight. Water came on strong after lunch. Fish were pushed to the banks and we found a few eating something small but they were really spooky. The second morning we took on more than we should have by trying to float eight miles. White Hole to Cotter. We started out with little generation and they cut it off on us later.But this was our best fishing day by far. Fish would eat a #10 beetle drifted in a foam line like they were starving. The day had started with pods of small fish midging and we had fun with that but once we tied on the beetle, that was the ticket.Don't remember numbers but we had three browns between us from 17 to 20" Saw very few people on this day. Most of this stretch was flat and with little or no generation and upsteam wind hard at times, it was a tough row. The last two days were spent wading below the dam until water was released at 3:00 and then we would make the drive to Rim Shoals to again wade low water. The fishing seemed to be better at the dam and the quality was certainly better. Griffith gnats, ants, zebra midges worked. There are some real toads up there, laying in the flat water. We both had some of the better ones blow up on dry flies but never could get a hook in them. They'll be there the next time hopefully. It was a good trip and next year will try and go again. Gotta get my list made up for the trip in three weeks. Leave for Montana for a two week cast and blast.