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Thread: River Cleanup Townsend

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    Hans & Byron There seems to be a lot of interest From MTFF. I have attended the last two meetings and it has been brought at booth meetings. Byron I was in the shop Sunday and didn't see you around, but Daniel and Bill took good care of me. Coming Back up this week end and staying until Tuesday for a family trip, I am going to try and swing by the shop If I can.

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    Hi Vern,

    I was upstairs working most of last weekend. Please come up and find me if I'm not downstairs anytime you are in the shop. I'm glad MTFF is interested in this project. I've been a member of that club for decades. I'm a life member so I guess that means I always will be. The cleanup will be fun and we need to plan a cookout. I'm looking forward to seeing you this weekend. I promise, I'll be there.


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    I haven't forgot about it. I will talk to Jeff Hall at LRCTU next week if I see him there. I'm going to tell him that we are shooting for September 13, at 9 AM. I'm trying to get them to officially commit. If they do we have two FFF clubs and one TU chapter. I'm hoping we can reach some other organizations also. Any ideas feel free to shout.

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