Soo, maybe someone can clear this up for me, maybe I’m just missing something. Is this a debate over not wanting a slot limit that could potentially help manage a public fishery at an attempt to try and maximize its potential or is it really about a minority of land owners wanting to privatize public water in that they would like to keep their hand on water that flows from a public lake, through a public dam (granted its state owned, but I drive over it, access the water immediately below it and enjoy its public parks and campgrounds) , that generates power for the public, and is stocked with fingerlings and catchables with public money?

Or is it because some feel (landowners or not) that the fishery is not worth regulating because enforcemet of regulations is the real issue? ‘Course I would think though there are more law abiding outdoorsman out there who would abide by those regs than choose to break ‘em , so why not make the attempt to protect the fishery with regs, rather stand by and do nothing. No one saying that they can’t have a stringer of fish, but what’s wrong with creating some boundaries that will continue to ensure future stringers for ‘em and keep the C+Rer’s happy too….even with regs people are still going to be able to eat some trout.

Or again, is it an issue about landowners and their friends - wanting have river rights and so we the public are all are considered trespassing on public water? I can understand there are those few morons out there that abuse others private property . Shouldn’t the money spent on fancy layers be directed towards those deliberate lawbreakers as they should be delt with accordingly – not penalized the general public.
Or is it all of the above?
I guess there is an argument as to whether there is or isn’t something wrong with the Clinch fishery and does it need tighter regs. Granted they are still some nice fish in the Clinch, but I think anyone who’s fished it the last few years has noticed there seems to be a decline in the large numbers of quality fish…I don’t necessarily think that poachers and over fishing is totally to blame – things seemed to have changed after that top water sluicing for months on end a few years back and the changing of the lake winter drawdown so that ended up pushing during the browns spawning season, then the rock would seem that taking out too many limits of nice fish exacerbates the problem…either way, what is so wrong about protecting what is there and managing the Clinch to a higher potential…